Asphalt and Paving

Fitzgibbon’s Asphalt and Paving Division offers customers a wide range of applications pending of their individual requirements. Fitzgibbon’s Asphalt and Paving customers include projects for residential, commercial, municipal, provincial and federal markets. This attribute assist us in maintaining our expertise in all areas and applications of asphalt paving construction.

Over the years Fitzgibbon has kept up with industry changes which includes Superpave Mixes, Performance Graded Asphalt Cements, Warm Mix Asphalt and higher standards of quality.

The size and diversity of our Asphalt and Paving Division is based on providing the customer with a quality pavement in a timely manner. Our hot mix is manufactured by our own asphalt plant. Having the ability to control both the manufacturing and placement of asphalt ensures that our customers are provided with the best possible quality from a single contractor.

Our services include:

  • Designing, maufacturing and placing asphalt.
  • Producing various types of mixes that range from driveway mix (HL3 Fine) to high volume expressways (Superpave 12.5FC2).
  • Granular Placement and Fine Grading.
  • Quality Control test results.