Recycled Aggregates

At Fitzgibbon, we believe using recycled aggregates assist us with reduction of construction costs and improves the environment with no loss of quality or constructability. Benefits of recycled aggregates are:

  • reuses old construction materials
  • recycles materials into value added products
  • reduces emissions
  • reduces landfill materials
  • conserves energy
  • conserves natural resources
  • qualifies for LEED credits
  • saves costs
  • provides good drainage
  • readily compactable

We have a wide range of products for your every day use, ranging from crushed concrete that can replace your sub-base requirements and recycled granulars with asphalt used for granular base that meet OPSS specifications. Because recycled aggregates are 100 percent crushed, they are easier to work and much more compactable than pit run granular materials, which lack angularity.