Road/Airport Construction

At Fitzgibbon construction we have worked on a multitude of projects throughout the years ranging from a few thousand dollars to to several million dollars. Our jobs have varied in size from redoing a residential drive way to a complete demolition and restoration of ramp,taxi ways, and runways at CFB Trenton and Mountain View. We have machines of all sizes allowing us to choose the appropriate unit for your project needs.

To maximize our company's productivity and enhance our accuracy, Fitzgibbon has invested in GPS technology from Trimble equipment. Trimble is being used not only in our engineering and surveying but has been installed on our rollers, dozers, grader, asphalt spreader and hand held rovers to optimize productivity on our entire job scope:

  • rock/concrete excavation
  • dredging
  • bulk excavation
  • site trucks
  • trenching
  • foundation excavation